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How to make a pompom

Well, today we will be making pompoms, just like the one above.

You Will Need:
Lots of wool/yarn
Firm cardboard

Have fun making your pompom!!

1. Get a small piece of firm cardboard and fold it in two, making sure each side will fit an average dvd/cd.

2. Trace around a DVD/CD on to one side of the cardboard.

3. Grab a gluestick and trace (with a texta) around it in the centre of the round DVD sized circle.

4. Cut out the DVD sized circle and trace the circle on to the other half of the cardboard, then trace around the gluestick into the centre of the circle.

5. Cut out the other circle and both gluestick sized circles.

6. Find heaps of wool/yarn and start winding it around the circles' edges until the hole in the middle is hardly big enough to put a pencil through.

7. This is the most important bit; press your thumb and forefinger on either side of the middle of the circle and keep them there. 

8. Take out your scissors again and, holding the circle firmly, start cutting the wool along the very edge of the cardboard.

9.  Tie a piece of wool/yarn between the two circles. Cut them in half.

10. Enjoy your pompom!

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