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Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories

By Various Authors
Reviewed By Kat Winter 

First Published: 
23 December 2014

Well, well, where to start? 12 authors wrote this collection of stories, each one about a different Doctor Who.
The writers' names are: Eoin Colfer, Michael Scott, Marcus Sedgwick, Phillip Reeve, Patrick Ness, Richelle Mead, Malorie Blackman, Alex Scarrow, Charlie Higson, Derek Landy, Neil Gaiman and Holly Black. 
I love Doctor Who. No, wait. That's an understatement. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!!!!! I've watched nearly all the episodes from the start of Christopher Eccleston to as far as the Peter Capaldi series. 
First things first, and the first thing is the first doctor! William Hartnell played him and Eoin Colfer wrote this story. It is about the Doctor having his hand replaced and bumping into some not-so-friendly acquaintances. In this scenario the Doctor is accompanied by his granddaughter, Susan, and finds himself trapped in a place of "spare parts", a larder of sorts. How can he get himself out of this sticky situation?
Now, onto the second doctor, played by Patrick Troughton. He was a new spark of enthusiasm, inspiring other doctors to follow in his path. This story was written by Michael Scott and is about the Doctor and his companion, Jamie, finding a terrible, terrible book that leads them to a terrible, terrible place. How can they escape this city of black glass?
The third doctor. Ah, the third doctor. Jon Pertwee played this role and my dad says he was a very regal, theatrical and quite elegant character. I've got to say the story was magnificent! This story was written by Marcus Sedgwick and is about the Doctor and Jo searching for a spear. But not just any spear. The Spear of Destiny. Join the Doctor on his journey through time and bump into a classic enemy…
Now for the fourth doctor. He was played by Tom Baker and is probably one of the most recognisable doctors, with his long scarf and hat. This is written by Phillip Reeve and is about an alien civilisation – inside a tree! The Doctor finds he has been to this place, in their past, in his future. And boy, he must have done something terrible to them, for they all seem to include names like "The doctor must die a thousand agonising deaths for victory to be ours". If you don't understand yet, the Doctor isn't wanted here. The settlers are about to kill him when they are attacked by some creatures… from the tree!
1, 2, 3, 4, let's skip some more, onto David Tennant (the 10th Doctor)!
Well, this was written by Derek Landy (YIPEEEEEEEE! Go Skullduggery Pleasant!) and I've got to say, the relationship between The Doctor and Martha in this book is more like the relationship between Skullduggery and Valkyrie (from Skullduggery Pleasant) to the one between the Doctor and Martha in the show, but the story was still wonderful! It is all about the Doctor and companion getting all kerfuffled in a… storybook? As the reality collapses, can he convince the psycho creator to let it go in time?

Matt Smith. Ah, Matt Smith, my favourite Doctor, but Peter Capaldi is pretty good too… nearly as good! Anyway, this story's written by Neil Gaiman and is about our trusty doctor solving a mystery with his companion, Amy Pond. They run into some psychopath alien body snatchers who want to destroy the human race. How can the doctor save the world this time?
Now for the latest doctor, the 12th played by Peter Capaldi. The one and only Holly Black wrote this book. It is about the Doctor 'getting coffee' for Clara and embarking on a mini-adventure of his own. Can he solve the mystery of the murder in the coffee shop and save the day yet again? If you think so, read the book to find out how!
All in all, I loved the book (all 12 stories) and I would recommend it to Doctor Who fans, and rate it 9/10.


  1. Wow 9 out of 10, that's pretty high, but you know what I think about Doctor Who, don't you. I'm OBSESSED.

    Love Grandad.

    1. Yes Grandad, I DO know you're obsessed with Doctor Who, but I bet I'm more obsessed. LOL.
      Your Grandaughter,