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Monkey and Me

By David Gilman
Reviewed by Kat Winter

First Published:
3 February 2014

This book is about a sickly 9-year-old boy called Jez, who wants to show his brother that he is a worthy gang member, even though he cannot be a full member until he is in his double digits. In the gang there is his brother Mark, Skimp, Rocky and Pete-the-feet. It was going to be an all-boy gang, before they found a girl with a special skill…

When the building containing the gang's base is scheduled to be knocked down they search a haunted house for a new HQ. When Jez takes a wrong turn he finds a small chimp in need of help. Will Jez help to save the chimp?

I haven't read anything like this book before. It was very sad at times and it brought more than one tear to my eye but parts were also funny and made me laugh out loud.

I liked this sad, humorous, emotional book and I rate it 9¾ out of 10.

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