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Little Celeste

By Dawn McNiff
Reviewed By Kat Winter

First Published:
16 February 2014

Eleven year old Shelley is in a very challenging situation with her mum's new boyfriend, Scott, as he is perfectly horrible to her. She also worries about starting high school without any friends but one day she leaves her room for two minutes and when she comes back there is a baby on her bed. A real baby. Where has she come from? Who is she? Is she a fairy baby?

I liked this book but it was slightly creepy. As I walked into my own bedroom, I was scared a baby might pop onto my bed and I wore my blanket as a cloak. It reminded me a bit of a book I read a few years ago called Angel Creek by Sally Rippin.

At the end, when the baby's identity is revealed, it is an interesting surprise for the reader.

I loved this book, I rate it 9⅞ out of 10, and I recommend it to people who like stories where the main character faces a challenge.

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