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The Luck Uglies

By Paul Durham
Reviewed by Kat Winter

First Published:
10 October 2014

"Rye and her two friends had never intended to steal the banned book from The Angry Poet – they just hoped to read it."

The Luck Uglies is a suspenseful book that hooked me in from the very first page. It's based in a land where there are strange creatures and no-one is safe.

Rye is the main character, a young adventurous girl, who lives in a place called Village Drowning. Village Drowning is near a swampy bog where terrifying Bog Noblins lurk. The other main characters are Rye's mother Abby, Rye's best friends Quinn and Folly, and Harmless, a strange person who no-one really knows. The book is basically about Rye trying to find out who the Luck Uglies are.

I loved this book. When I went to see my grandparents on Father's Day, I was reading it in the car, and I could hardly put it down when it was time to go see them. It's so good, you want to read it in one go.

When I got to the end, I realised there were sequels coming, and was jumping with joy.
I recommend this book to people who are into fantasy, and like books like Harry Potter and Narnia, and rate it 9 1/5 out of 10.

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